Kaopectate® is an OTC human diarrhea treatment that people often use for their pets without the recommendation of a veterinarian. Originally, Kaopectate® was a combination of kaolin and pectin, which had adsorbent and protectant properties, was later reformulated to contain attapulgite, and was recently changed again to contain bismuth subsalicylate, which may cause salicylate toxicosis in cats that are overdosed. In the past, veterinarians have recommended Kaopectate® to treat diarrhea in cats and dogs. However, the new formulation may exceed the range of recommended salicylate dosages that have been published for cats. Two tablespoonsful of regular or one tablespoonful of extra-strength Kaopectate® given to a 5-pound cat would yield approximately 100 mg/kg salicylate and would likely result in toxicosis.

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